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KEVA network seninar 2017

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Development Cooperation,Voluntary Work and Global Education

Welcome Liv and Her team

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Today we organized a small welcome program for Liv and her friends form NTNU university who have been supporting us from the very beginning. The program was hosted by our very own Pradesh Aryal. After a small introduction, our children performed in a song. At last, the vocational staffs of SDCC wer


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"One team one dream" is an initiative from DSSN to make our children independent where the children are able to actively take part in helping in any possible way like packing momos,pickles,cutting vegetables and many more. We feel heartiest sense of obligation to Shruti Organization for ordering 3


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22 July was a great day in the history of DSSN. We participated for the first time in Kathmandu Trail Running at Surya Binayak, Bhaktapur. We are immensely thankful to @[1539746222:2048:Preeti Khattri] and @[790581897685376:274:Mira Rai] for organizing a special 1k trail for our children. This has a


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At Satyam Day Care Centre we realized that spritiual and religious activities are important aspect of life so every Tuesday participating in Bhajan to our young and children is very essential. Today they had a great opportunity to learn basics of Yoga after bhajan. Yoga for them was physical l


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World champion ultra runner @[790581897685376:274:Mira Rai] visited us last Tuesday thank you Mira Rai and @[1539746222:2048:Preeti Khattri] for allowing our children to participate in the PILOT BABA TRAIL RUN event on saturday (july 22).


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Down Syndrome Society Nepal has organized Five Days Psycho-Educational Techniques for Children with Intellectual Disability . Altogether 14 teacher, parents and Care Givers has successfully participated the training. Many Many thanks to the Team of Mano Spandan Nepal, especially Mrs. Uma Mam and Mr


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Today Saytam Day Care Centre celebrated mud festival at Champi (Lalitpur District). The pictures speaks for itself a thousand words. DSSN's big thanks to a great friend Sailendra Bista and his family for their continued support in this festival since 2013. We also enjoyed the special snacks (home ma


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Down Syndrome Society Nepal Organized Orientation Workshop on CRPD for Mothers and Sisters who have daughter / Son with Down Syndrome/Intellectual disabled . The Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and its Optional Protocol was adopted on 13 December 2006 at the United Nations Head


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Thank you for your kindness recognizing that we have many children with Down Syndrome and Intellectual disabled that need assistance. Down Syndrome Society Nepal is grateful to the ASMAN, that donated educational materials and Musical Instruments . Your donations helped motor development (in additi

25 hour club..HURRY

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Dancing is like dreaming with your feet. Todays first attempt of arranging dance club at 25 hour club fulfilled dream of intellectual disabled youth group. Each dance move and movement expression made by youth group were also exploring their inner self and self-confidence. They got experiences of s


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Traveling to Pokhara!🚎 (dec27th to 30th2016 )Thank you everybody for buying cards and made our children's wish to visit Pokhara😘


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New year, new are the hopes, new is the resolution, new are the spirits and new are our warm wises to our Children with down syndrome/ Intellectual disabilities , their parents and our well wishers. Down Syndrome Society Nepal has Organized advance New Year Get together gathering, Farewell to the O


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Every child is gifted and talented,Their needs are deserving of special attention.They make us laugh and cry but most of all they make us love so deeply.They are our inspiration. we would like to thank Mrs.@[100003108405954:2048:Rita Thapa] for this meeting which was specially organised to congra

Visit WHR

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There's is no greater achievement and progress when a women encourage in empowering other women .the strength becomes more powerful when they come together.likewise we would like to thank Mrs.Lily Thapa (founder president of WHR)for her incessant support to our organization .

SRHR with women with disability 2017

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I would like to thank organizer of this two days meeting on Sexuality and reproductive health rights, Every individual has the right to make their own choices about their sexual and reproductive health.Before this meeting I was not aware how important is this topics. I got an opportunity to gain in

Friendly Sports Day 2017

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In the continuation of celebration of Down Syndrome Month with more entertainment and opportunities for kids, today's Sports Day event concluded with greater excitement. Sports Days is a new program added this year to DSSN's WDSDay Celebration calander. it was a sight to see; the children getting al

Inclusive cultural program 2017

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We organize inclusive cultural on the occasion of 12 world down syndrom with the theme of program oo My voice ,MY community

12th World Down Syndrome Day 2017

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Down Syndrome Society Nepal celebrated 12th World Down Syndrome Day 2017 with the theme "My Voice My Community" successfully. Our programs included Walkathon followed by a formal program at Social Welfare Council Nepal and a public awareness event at Labim Mall as well as a live news telecast about