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tihar celebration 2018

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We have been celebrating different festivals of different culture and ethnic groups as a way of getting acquainted and knowing why the festival is celebrated. This helps for the children to be aware of different festivals and their importance which is why we celebrated "Mha Puja" today as a way of a

Om sairam

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Bhajmaan Govinda ....

Finding and sharing work shop

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Thanks NDWA( national disability women association)for the invitation!!!

Wish you all the best ROBERT!!!!

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Congratulations to Robert Martin - making history as the first person with an intellectual disability to chair a United Nations session. Let's hope this is the first time of many!

Celebrating 100 yrs birthday...

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On the occasion of 100 years Birthday celebration!Today children with down Syndrome visited National Poet Madhav Prasad Ghimire’s home and wish him good health and happiness . May God bless him and keep him always in His tender, loving care. Children received blessing from him.

Our 9th general assembly

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Down Syndrome Society Nepal has hold its 9th General Assembly on the premises of Himalayan Academy, Kapurdhara.. The Assembly was inaugurated by formal Chief of Army Mr. Rajendra Chettri. Representatives from the local Community Mr. Khyam Raj Tiwari, Preseident of Ward 26, Dr.kedar Narsing K.C, D

Teej 2075

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We love the crowds at festivals because they're so chilled.celebrate teej festival

Inclusive education and intellectual disability

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Thank you Sailendra ji and champi Devi secondary school for coordinating this wonderful gathering. I am so happy to find such active participation of school teachers and principle . But they do find it difficult to enroll the children with intellectual disability in their regular schools because the

Workshop on short course on inclusive education 2018

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21 participants are attending the return to work plan work shop of Austrlia awards short course on inclusive education .

Thank you for trusting me

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I would like to express my gratitude to Karuna Foundation for provide me the favorable opportunity as a resource person of today's training on the topics of Intellectually disability and its management. I would also like to acknowledge the initiative taken by the Karuna foundation team as it is alwa

wheni look at my student my children.i see lots of possibilities

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Thank you all for your active participation and inputs. It was felt that the interaction came a the right time- not only to clarify the concept of Inclusive education but also to thoroughly discuss implementation scope , responsibilities of teachers and parents. It was also strongly recommended to c

Fear is natural part of life !!!

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Being a highly educated Medical Doctor brother of Boy with Down syndrome still living in a fear of losing his brother. He still thinks life span of people with down syndrome is not more than 20 years. Fear is considered to be a normal, natural part of life. However, fear can lead people to experienc

Negative attitude of our Society

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Today mother having a girl child with down syndrome has visited our center for the counseling. Her story behind having child with Down syndrome made me so sad. It is almost impossible to think of any positive moments that can come with such a life. We need other people in our life for support, frien

Presentation at hotel summit !!!

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I sincerely thank to Bijaya Laxmi Shrestha , Mr. Ganesh Shrestha and Rotery Club Patan for Providing me this wonderful platform to share my story and experiences. The interaction with various stakeholders was vert interesting and fruitful.