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The Rationale: Vocational Training

People with intellectual disabilities are considered as "mentally challenged", but they are more than able to perform exceptionally in any field; provided that they get good training. Numerous examples can be cited as evidence, both at national and international level, where people with Down Syndrome and intellectual disabilities have exhibited their outstanding skills in various fields. The biggest challenge is to identify which area a person is interested in, and create a supporting environment to nurture their talents. Likewise, our aim with the project "Protshaan" is to appreciate and nurture the talent of the people who have shown interest and potential in creating various arts and objects.


Prothshaan focuses overall on enhancing the lives of people with Down Syndrome and people with intellectual disability by providing quality instruction and meaningful work. Creative jobs are completed under the supervision of trained staff. Job readiness skills and behaviors are assessed, and workers receive a paycheck for work performed. By providing paying jobs in which they are genuinely interested, workers also gain an added boost of self-esteem from their productive activity.

A vocational training service, we aim to ensure their future with job experiences they can carry with them for future endeavors. We also make the families of people with down syndrome and intellectual disability active regarding the work their loved ones do, so that they may further encourage them at home and beyond. Our chief aim is to develop a platform for people with down syndrome and intellectual disability as well as their family and loved ones, in order to make them capable and provide them with life skills to cope up with expectations of society.

Objectives of the Project

Establish group among people with intellectually disabled and their respective family member.Make them independent and secure their rights.
Help develop a positive attitude in our society towards the ability of people with down syndrome and intellectual disability

Success Story:

Four "graduates", with down syndrome and intellectual disability, of the vocational training program are acting as self-advocates in the center. They work alongside three parents advocating the importance of training and building skills in order to lead a productive and independent life.

Our Future Goals

  • Establish permanent vocational training Center
  • Try to get additional support from the government
  • Try to develop linkages with different stakeholders nationally and internationally