Activities and Services Provided by DSSN

From its very initial stage, DSSN has been involved to carry out various activities and programs that are primarily related to promote and protect the basic human rights of the people with Down Syndrome. In the past years DSSN has carried out different types of activities by establishing functional linkages with many local government bodies, I/NGOs and donor agencies for the benefits of  people with down syndrome and their respective parents. Following are some of the major activities and projects that have been initiated by the DSSN:

  • Establishment of counseling and day-care center for the people with Down Syndrome.
  • Awareness raising programs on the UNCRPD to the parents and stakeholders.
  • Cultural and sports events to the  children and adult with down syndrome.
  • Vocational training (candle making, greeting cards, spice grinding ,packaging etc) and income generating activities.
  • Special education program on rehabilitation of the  children and adult with down syndrome.
  • Student exchange program with University of Norway.


Organize awareness on the issues related to people with down syndrome among the general public, decision making bodies and major stakeholders to ensure the fundamental rights of the down syndrome/ intellectually disable and to establish a non- discriminatory, safe and approachable society for the same.


We provide counseling and adequate help to parents and guardians to equip them with a wide range of knowledge on intellectual disability, to help them from feeling depressed and to convince them to cheerfully accept their children as they are.


Our medical fund had been established last year and our main intention for setting this up is to help lower income groups who are in dire need of financial assistance in order to treat their children with down syndrome.

A large number of Children with Down Syndrome with potentialities are not being able to join the center in spite of their desires due to precious economic condition of their parents and families.  To increase the strength and stability of

the Down Syndrome Society Nepal. We specially appeal to all our friends to donate liberally to the Society

Down Syndrome Society Nepal

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