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Shila Thapa (President)

Sarita Pudasainai(Vice-President)

Rabindra Sharma(Secratory)

Ganga Parajuli(Treasurer)

Mina Kumari Gurung(Member)

Dhana Kumari Sunar(Member)

Subod Arayal(Member)


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Down Syndrome Society, Nepal (DSSN) is a non-governmental organization registered with the Government of Nepal and affiliated with Social Welfare Council. The society aims to lead the people with Down syndrome and other Intellectual Disabilities to an independent and comfortable future. DSSN also strives to fight against the deep rooted social stigma that has affected the rights of these people. To learn more about us, please click here


Satyam Day Care Center (SDCC)

Get acquainted with the current activities of Satyam Day Care Center, and see how we are positively impacting the lives of children with Down Sydrome and other intellectual disabilities. Read more

Protshaan (Vocational Program)

Vocational training can provide important opportunities and experience for people with down syndrone and intellectual disabilities. For more details on what we are doing and have done so far, and how you can contribute to the effort Read more

Garage Sale

Mark your calendars to show your support by participating in our garage sale every last friday of the english month. For more details Read more

Read our latest publications

Satya Sandesh, Vol.1, March 2012

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See how our volunteers have helped

Volunteers are an integral part of the working of DSSN. Your invaluable time spent working with DSSN will help to bring joy, hope and enthusiasm to a lot of deserving children and adults with Down Syndrome, and you will be making a positive difference in their lives. Read more


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